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Computational Geophysics

Image of flat subduction in central Mexico based on a seismic array deployed across MexicoA conceptual earthquake cycle simulation of the Tohoku-Oki, Japan area. (Luo and Ampuero)

The Seismo Lab has active efforts in various facets of computational geophysics. Several members of the lab rely on large scale computation for both simulation (e.g. fault rupturewave propagationmantle dynamicsice flow) and large scale inverse problems. We develop new computational algorithms designed to enable new discoveries. We rely on national as well as in-house computational resources. From the curriculum perspective, we encourage our graduate students to pursue a Ph.D. minor in computational science and engineering. Through a variety of collaborations, we also take advantage of our proximity to many leaders in applied math and engineering on campus.

Seismo Lab scientists doing research in this area:


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