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Earth Structure

Figure AWaveform modeling of a high-velocity anomaly beneath southeastern US, using USArray and South America deep earthquakes. The background color shows tomography model overlaid by S and ScS ray paths. Our optimal structure model of this anomaly suggests sharp edges of thermal-chemical origin (lower-right inset).

Seismo Lab scientists are actively mapping out the structure of the Earth's interior at all depths, including the crust, mantle, and core. Current focus areas include:
1) teleseismic waveform modeling and tomography of lower mantle and Dā€™ā€™ structures; 2) Seismic imaging of crust, lithosphere, and sedimentary basins in Southern California using dense arrays; 3) Surface wave and receiver function studies of the Isabella Drip, Central California; 4) Waveform modeling of fine-scale structures within subducted slabs.

Seismo Lab scientists doing research in this area:


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