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Image of flat subduction in central Mexico based on a seismic array deployed across MexicoFour-dimensional dynamic earth model used to better understanding the link between plate tectonics, mineral physics and the large-scale seismic structure of the lower mantle.

A wide range of geodynamics research is carried out in the Seismo Lab.
We develop advanced numerical models of tectonic processes constrained by geological and geophysical observations. The use of geodynamic models provides a physical basis for interpretation of seismological observations made on local, regional, and global scales. Our development of geodynamic models is being coordinated through forward and backward numerical simulations.

We also collect geodetic observations, including radar interferometry and GPS (both temporary and permanent deployments), and use this data to constrain models of regional tectonic and volcanic processes, as well as the rheological structure of the lithosphere.

We have detailed descriptions of various projects in geodynamics.

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