Maren Bӧse, Phd

Senior ReseaRch Fellow

Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) in California, Turkey, Japan, and Romania

Large earthquakes pose a great threat to our society. Modern technology and real-time algorithms for early warning can reduce their impacts.

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Shakemaps for Romania

Maps, visualizing levels and spatial distributions of earthquake ground shaking seconds before high-amplitude seismic waves arrive or a few minutes thereafter, provide crucial information, e.g., for task forces (firefighters, ambulances,...) to gain a rapid overview about possible impacts of a large earthquake.

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Simulation of Strong Motion Data

Strong motion records are lacking in many seismic-active regions in the world. This hampers the assessment of seismological and earthquake engineering problems, such as seismic hazard analyses. Simulations of strong motion time series help to overcome the lack of appropriate data. Of great importance is the consideration of seismic site effects.

Probabilistic Rupture Prediction for Large


Large earthquakes cause fault ruptures of some tens to hundreds of kilometer length. We develop probabilistic models to predict the final extent of a seismic rupture and future slip amplitudes from real-time information on current slip (e.g. from GPS measurements).

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Finite Fault Rupture Detection using Image Recognition

Information on source finiteness is needed to provide realistic ground-motion estimates for large earthquakes. Our FinDer algorithm is quick enough to allow application to ruptures that are still in progress.

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Predicting Seismic Ground-Motions in the Los Angeles Basin

We develop Support Vector Regression models from the SCEC CyberShake dataset to improve ground-motion predictions in the Los Angeles basin. Our models include finite fault geometry, directivity, and basin response effects that are typically neglected in alternative models.

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Development of a UserDisplay to provide Earthquake Early Warning to End-Users

We develop software to assist users in receiving and using earthquake warnings. Our UserDisplay is currently being tested by around 150 individuals, emergency responders, and private companies throughout California.

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