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Pengfei Ma

Pietro Milillo

Special Student

PhD Student 2013, Environmental Engineering, Università della Basilicata – Potenza

California Institute of Technology
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Pietro Milillo is a visiting student researcher working with Professor Mark Simons and with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) group within the Italian Space Agency – JPL, Università della Basilicata – Caltech agreement.

His research focuses on digital signal processing with particular attention to GPS and COSMO-SkyMed (CSK) SAR data analysis, interferogram generation, digital elevation model validation, persistent scatterers and SBAS techniques. His main interests are in remote sensing and Earth processes.

Current Projects:
CSK Scansar – Stripmap interferometry
CSK Spotlight – Stripmap interferometry
California Mapping Project (CaliMaP)
Precise CSK Digital Elevation Model mission
CSK Antarctica monitoring
CSK Dynamic Processes
CSK Active Volcanoes Monitoring